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At Explore Eurasia, we offer fully-guided tours to countries in Eurasia for groups and individuals. Our mission is to create interesting and fun experiences where you learn historical information, discover new destinations, and enjoy yourself - all at the same time. Explore Eurasia tours focus on culture and history. Learn from local professional tour guides about destinations you visit. Discover native traditions, taste authentic foods, and explore ancient places. Enjoy your carefully-crafted agenda while you are skiing, hiking, or sightseeing.



The Registan Square is the best place to

We invite you to a captivating journey through Central Asia. Explore ancient history, magnificent architecture and fascinating cultures, languages, and traditions of many different ethnic groups. This is where the Great Silk Road once passed, the economic and cultural center of the world for centuries. Discover the hidden gems of the East: unique cities, breathtaking mountains and deep-blue lakes. Start your journey to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan!



Discover the Caucasus - a unique region of Eurasia, home to remarkable history, diverse cultures and ethnic groups. In the Caucasus, you will find rich plains, gorgeous mountain ranges, ornate architecture, beautiful beaches, and fun ski resorts. This region between the Black and Caspian Seas is known for its pleasant weather, excellent cuisine, fine wines and exceptionally hospitable people. We welcome you to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan!

Hatsvali, Georgia
Ushguli, Georgia
Vardzia, Georgia
Uzbek Cuisine
Rabati, Georgia
Svaneti, Georgia
Camel Tour
Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Charvak, Uzbekistan